• Appointments are available weekly on either Fridays or at an evening clinic.
  • The first session could take between 60 -90 minutes, following sessions take around 50 – 60 minutes in total.
  • Appointments need to be booked in advance and if you need to cancel please give 24hrs notice or you may be charged


  • Initial consultation and treatment session: £60
  • Subsequent treatments £50
  • Course of six treatments £250

What to Expect

  • As part of the first session, we spend some time talking to help me understand your concerns and what has brought you to craniosacral therapy, background information that may be relevant as well as gathering important practical information including relevant contact details. You may have further questions for me about how I work and the approach I take. It’s a time for gathering and sharing information and to establish a mutual understanding.
  • The first session can take between 60 – 90 minutes but depends on the individual.
  • Some sessions will involve dialogue between us as we work on what emerges through the therapy, at other times the session may not involve much talking until reflections towards the end.
  • Clients are clothed and usually lay in a supine position (lying on your back) on a treatment couch or on your side; clients sometimes find a blanket covering helpful and pillows or cushions are used to support the head, lower back and other parts of the body depending on the client position and ‘hold’ being used. Sometimes it can be helpful for the treatment to be done in a sitting position also.
  • The therapist will take time to attune to the client prior to making contact physically and check that any contact is acceptable and comfortable. Then working with the client and their system the session may involve contact with feet, head, shoulders, sacrum, chest, always driven by what the client and their system needs
  • The end of the session may involve further reflections and looking ahead, prior to the session finishing
  • The number and frequency of treatments are determined by the individual’s needs.